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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pterocarpus Marsupium Information-Uses and Benefits

Pterocarpus marsupium, which is known for the blood sugar reducing qualities, is one of the most known Eastern herbal medicines. This tree’s heartwood contains high levels of flavonoids which are said to be the source of chemical potency of this tree. It is said that drinking some overnight kept water in goblet made of the heartwood of this tree is extremely beneficial for diabetic people.

Some studies conclude that this herb lowers down the absorption process of glucose in gastrointestinal areas which helps in improving the insulin as well as pro insulin level in blood. Apart fro this, Pterocarpus also helps in improving the restoration of the pancreatic B cells. Some researches have shown that this plant has medicinal qualities like lowering down the cholesterol level, act as anti inflammatory medicine and work as cardio tonic.

Studies and researches which are done to prove the anti diabetic effects of Pterocarpus marsupium


Various researches and studies have shown that this herb is very effective in curing various diseases. This herb is also very useful in lowering blood sugar level which is very important for a diabetic person. There have been two trials done to check the effects of this herb in diabetic patients. In the first trial, ninety seven patients were put on test for 12 weeks and were given two to four grams of extracts of this herb each day.

By the end of 12 weeks, all the patients were again tested and it was found that about 67% of the patients had reduced levels of blood sugar in them and they have also maintained the levels with the help of this herbal extract. Aroun


d 73% of the patients reduced their glucose levels with the help of 2 grams, 16% of the patients needed 3 grams and 10% of the patients had to take 4 grams per day of this herbal extract to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

In the other research, 22 diabetics were treated with 29 to 70 years of age were given two or four ounces of this herbal extracts for thrice a day for about seven days. These patients also showed good

Pterocarpus Marsupium

results and proved that this herb is a perfect remedy and cure for diabetes.

Additional researches

Many other researches were also done to check the results on diabetes patients. It was found that this herb is perfect for curing diabetes in the most efficient way.

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